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Nicollestinson Reviews | Avg. Rating : 5 out of 5, based on 6 reviews.

Michelle Massey - reviewed 1 months ago

I am so happy that I met Nicolle Stinson.  She has helped me so much.  Before I met Nicolle I wasn't making much money.  Not only has she showed me how to actually make money from home, she has been a good support and even better friend.  Nicolle Stinson always goes above and beyond and I am giving her 5 stars!  You should absolutely connect with Nicolle as soon as possible!  I don't usually write reviews, but Nicolle deserves a great one, so I decided to write this.

Meagan Montsempe - reviewed 2 months ago

Nicolle Stinson recently taught me how to make money online so I could stay home with my baby. She was so patient and took the time to make sure I knew what I was doing. Thanks to Nicolle Stinson, I do not have to go back to my crappy job and I can be home with my baby!

Nina Horatio - reviewed 3 months ago

Nicolle Stinson recently helped me during a very difficult time.  I reached out to Nicolle Stinson through the United Prayers of Hope Facebook page.  She prayed with me and also put me in touch with the right peope to help me through a financial hardship.  Nicolle Stinson has got to be one of the kindest people I have met online.  There are so many creepy mean people on social media but Nicolle Stinson is genuine and good hearted.  Everyone should look her up on United Prayers of Hope.  I give her 5 stars!

Johnathan Glinsky - reviewed 4 months ago

Nicolle Stinson is top notch. Nicolle Stinson makes everything so easy to understand and she really takes the time to help you in your business.  I would recommend Nicolle Stinson as a coach to anyone! five stars!

Angel Stringer - reviewed 8 months ago

Thanks to Nicolle Stinson for helping me out today.  I was stuck with a difficult client and just didn't know what to do or say.  I reached out to Nicolle Stinson and she took the time to help me.  She is patient and nice and always available for anything I need.  I would recommend Nicolle Stinson anyday!!!

Joyce Rebeta-Burditt - reviewed 8 months ago

Where do I start? I guess I will jump right in.  I am so blessed to have met Nicolle Stinson.  This isn't a business review, per se, but she has a heart of gold and I wanted to share.  I had hit hard times recently and was at my wits end.  I was already speaking with Nicolle Stinson about a possible online business.  In a very down moment, I reached out to Nicolle and told her my story.  Within moments, a gift of $100 arrived in my paypal account.  If it weren't for this generosity and kindness, I would not have had food that week.   It doesn't stop there!  A week later, a package from Nicolle Stinson arrived at my home.  It was full to the top with personal care items which helped me even more. Nicolle Stinson has the biggest heart and is an angel on earth.  I just had to share