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Active Energy Products are FDA Safe list ingredients - reviewed 4 years ago

Energy Products are energy products, right?  Well, not so fast!  We have found that some energy products stand above the rest.  In this case, Active Energy Boost has an energy shot line that falls under the FDA threshold of caffeine content and more importantly, each product contains nutritional ingredients.  Bottomline, the product works!

Above all, however, we are impressed with the companies mission.  They boast about "Inspiring excellence to impact your community"....well, they do just that!.  We had an opportunity to meet some of the Coaches of their organization at a recent Event that they sponsored (You can see a list of events on their website).  Their positive and outgoing nature is indicative of their commitment to excellance and to inspiring other to do the same....particularly, consumers and people who become distributors.  We really hope that they continue their work to be an outstanding company and carry through with their mission.  It is refreshing to see a company take part in community affairs in a continual positve approach.

Cindy Klein

Company Response

Thanks Cindy...I already met with them, as well. Very impressive. They will be helping with our upcoming event too.